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Divas Contest on Instagram

Win a Premium Diva Page to promote yourself as a model + Digital Business Card + 1 month of magazine, sending your photo and getting likes on it. We will reward the 10 girls with the most likes 💜

Awards Description

Diva Premium Page: functions to send your photos to different international agencies with one click, more profile photos, verified insignia and stand out in our recommended talent lists.

Diva Card: see here

Magazine: see here

... and you will also have a lot of promotion because the guests of the others will also see your photo! 💜


  1. If you are not yet registered with Divacity, register for free and upload 3 photos.
  2. Put your "Diva Link" on your Instagram. To see how, log in and click on "My Link".
  3. Read all the rules below.
  4. Send 6 photos to our Instagram ( following the rules below. They can be the same ones that you uploaded to your Diva account or others, as you want but respecting the rules below.


About the Photo

  1. Must be of good quality. You can send selfies but good!
  2. Do not send screenshots because they are of low quality and we will reject you.
  3. No letters, no borders, no emojis, no filters or ridiculous effects for children. We edit the photo if necessary so send the original in large size.
  4. We will publish only what we consider appropriate for our feed style, therefore we may ask you to send other photos until we find one that we like.


About where, how and when

  1. Voting closes on September 30th, 2020.
  2. The photos are published in our feed randomly. Between 1 and 3 days after you send it. Don't force to be published fast.
  3. You and your friends are who must look for the likes, do not expect someone magically vote for you because nobody will. It is a contest! Then compete! Move on! Rivals! That is what a contest is about, because there are prizes that cost money and we do not give them away, or you pay them or you earn them by competing properly.
  4. If your photo has less than 150 likes the first 72 hours, we will disqualify you. Maybe we keep your photo but you lose the prizes. We don't want boring people in the contest. Ask for likes and comments. DAILY share your photo in your story and ask your friends to do the same.
  5. Comments from different people will be used to unequalize, if there are two contestants with the same amount of likes.
  6. You must have your Diva Link in the Instagram bio. If you don't have a diva link, sign up for free on our website to get yours here.

          More info about Divacity here