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The woman, is my specialty


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Fashion, it's more than clothes


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If you want me to photograph your merchandise, you have to agree to place this next to beautiful women.


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One of the photos that I enjoy the most. It has many challenges and production complications ... when you want to do well.

Bikini Studio

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Plato dedicated part of his life to understand and explain "beauty".
Do not trivialize what you do not know.

Bikini Outdoor

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Plato linked beauty with good, fair and love.
That's why I find so much virtue in women.

And we arrived in Brazil...


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Deep seas that lend themselves to many interpretations but which in the end is nature itself

Free Art

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I was born an artist in the most artistic city of the most artistic country in Latin America and I studied visual arts in the most artistic university of this country, the Universidad de los Andes in Mérida, Venezuela. If you are a person with limits or you wait to limit me, better stay at home.

One Making Of Example

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